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meadow ray paramchuk

Being born into a family that encouraged creativity as a child set the mold to live a life filled with color and art... something that has become second nature to me.

But growing up wasn't easy and art quickly became a refuge. It allowed me to temporarily escape a darkness I feared at times would completely consume me. Creating allowed me to channel all the bottled up craziness that I felt and was unable to express. I was able to let it flow out of me onto a canvas like a fierce, beautiful, tempest. 


Into my adult years art became an "every now and then" activity. Something my soul still ached for but not an area of my life I was able to cultivate on a full-time basis.


Then life changed yet again and I found myself at a crossroads...I was let go from my "career" job, one that I had had the delusion of believing I was quite stable in. 

Being influenced throughout life to think that I couldn't have both a career and be happy, I found myself in a very strange and uncertain place, one where I was being challenged by thought over feeling.

Going against all ingrained reason, I made the decision to step off the figurative ledge and see what would happen... and that is when I came to the very awesome realization that I needed to create.

However, there is a great vulnerability associated with creating something from your heart, from your soul, and sharing it with the world. It is so personal...and this chosen path scared me to death, and still does!

But I felt the fear and did it anyway. I dove back into my art with a new found passion. After all of those years of art helping me through some very dark times, it was now my time to honor what I was born to do... Create.

 - Meadow Ray


One of four daughters of Calgary artist Ken Meichel, Meadow typically finds herself creating "in the moment".

Having experimented in the past with many different types of media she is currently drawn to fluid art techniques utilizing acrylics, pigments, and resin, on canvas, slate and wood. 

Although Meadow was born in Alberta she spent many years of her life on the west coast of British Columbia and her love for coastal elements is boldly represented in her work.

Meadow currently works full time out of her home based studio in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

“She was the tide, always drifting in and out of the lives of those who loved her, eternally indecisive, unable to discern whether she desired the solidity and safety of land, or the wild freedom of the ocean.”

                                                                               - Beau Taplin//Wild Ocean

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